Building STEPS highly successful model relies on strong partnerships and dedicated volunteers. Find out how you or your company can make an impact in bright, Baltimore city students.
Building STEPS relies on dedicated volunteers to accelerate programming and student success. This collaboration and commitment enables hundreds of students each year to benefit from tailored programming and extra supports. Designed for individuals, groups and companies, volunteer opportunities range from one-time to multi-session commitments and from Building STEPS programming to off-site corporate programming.

Writing Guide

Work one-on-one with students, helping them kickstart the college essay process with brainstorming and narrowing their essay topic. These are one-time commitments in the spring and winter.

Writing Advisor

Through an interactive review and edit process, Writing Advisors help students organize, draft and fine tune their college outline until it is a well-written, compelling essay. This is a 2.5-hour commitment during four fall College Workshops (September through December) and through Google Docs.

Academic Tutor

Implemented to balance the academic challenges of remote learning and reinforce foundational skills, academic tutoring has been overwhelmingly embraced by our students. Tutoring needs for high school and college students include English, all math and science levels and SAT strategy and preparation. This is a flexible time commitment.

Summer Math Tutor

Summer Math Tutors cover the gamut of academic needs: create lessons and learning materials; teach math lessons to curated groups of 5-10 students; and facilitate worktime and on-demand support. This is a 1.5-hour commitment per day for 10-12 days (over a six-week period, late June into early August).

Professional Guide

Assist students with a range of activities that support career success, including informational interviews, resume review and interview practice. This is a flexible time commitment.

Speed Networking

Through a timed, curated and interactive program, students learn the language and social cues for a professional introduction. This a 2-hour commitment, typically midweek in March.

Career Fair

This Career Fair is designed to expose students to a breath of career opportunities and prepare them for professional conversations and inquiries. Baltimore area companies set up an information table and our high school juniors have the opportunity to ask questions, explore their interests and practice professional conversations. Students know this program is for information gathering, not for securing a job or internship. Scheduled for the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving for two hours, this is our hallmark Giving Tuesday activity.

Professional Skills Presentation

Present to our high school seniors about the nuances of professional development, such as networking, time management, initiative and more. This is a one time, 45-minute commitment during the school year.

Host a STEM Seminar

STEM seminars provide our students with eye-opening STEM oriented opportunities. Planned for our high school 10th and 11th graders, Tuesday through Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm, each site visit includes a tour, activity and discussion about career opportunities and pathways. This is a one-day commitment during the school year.

Internship Host

Internship hosts ensure our student(s) has opportunities to explore their area of interest and learn about workplace dynamics and expectations. Internships for summer 2021 are 4-6 weeks, 20 hours/week.

Digital Outreach

Use your social media network to expand Building STEPS reach, messaging and mission. Like and share Building STEPS posts; post on your personal social media with Building STEPS created content. This is a flexible time commitment suggesting 2 posts/likes/shares monthly.