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Baltimore City School students celebrating college acceptance letters

BALTIMORE — Today, some Baltimore City students celebrated the next step in their educational career. And leaders from the nonprofit Building Steps is helping push them toward success.

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Ciena Blue Planet Welcomes Building STEPS Students to Explore Careers in Network Innovation

There are many engaging and fulfilling career opportunities in the technology sector. Recently, we hosted a group of high school students at our office in Hanover to show them what it can look like to have a career in network innovation.

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Baltimore students learn how to prevent concussions ahead of Super Bowl LVII

Students from Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical (MERVO) and Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACE) High Schools participated in a STEM lab provided by Learning Undefeated.

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Tech company donated new laptops to students starting college in fall

Tech company “Ciena Blue Planet” donated brand new HP laptops, $200 Amazon gift cards and $300 credit towards online tutoring to students from the Building Steps Program.

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‘Building STEPS’ celebrates success

The program Building ‘STEPS’ stands for science, technology, education, and partnerships. Their mission is to equip the city’s students with tools to propel them to college and career success.

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STEM Career Exploration: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Click link below to see an excerpt of this article from STEM|ED Magazine.

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Building STEPS creates educational opportunities for students in Baltimore

Building STEPS, a nonprofit organization in Baltimore works to help STEM professionals through providing necessary tools for success in college and beyond.

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Building STEPS is taking Baltimore City high schoolers inside local tech and science companies

Baltimore City high school students who took part in programming with local nonprofit Building STEPS got introduced to science and tech careers as they prepared for college.

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Building STEPS Receives Educational Grant From Blue Planet

Building STEPS is pleased to announce it has received an educational grant from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to provide recent high school graduates with technology and support crucial to college success.


Rising college freshman given new laptops

Building STEPS representatives and members of the Blue Planet team handed out brand new laptops and digital inclusion packages to Building STEPS students today.

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