Q&A with Libby Olchowski of Tenable

Libby Olchowski is a Territory Manager in Commercial Sales at Tenable, a cybersecurity company based out of Columbia, Maryland.

Of all the nonprofits in the Baltimore Metro area, why choose Building STEPS?

After hearing how COVID disproportionately affected students and their learning, I wanted to volunteer to help students directly in my community. I chose Building STEPS because of their focused partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools.

How did you know your background/talents would be a good fit for our students?

I have a strong background in Mathematics and knew that even though I didn’t have a ton of experience tutoring, that Building STEPS had an emphasis on STEM and they could place me where I was needed.

What would you tell others who are on the fence about volunteering?

Building STEPS is really flexible with the scheduling and time commitment, including options to meet over Zoom. If you are unable to commit weekly, there are different types of one-off events that you can volunteer for as well.

What’s your favorite part about your volunteer work with Building STEPS?

My favorite part is the progress that you can make, even in a single session. I enjoy adapting how I present to students and working with students’ different learning styles. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the progress is made as long as we continue to show up to help move them forward.