Building STEPS joins the blogosphere

It’s Building STEPS’ inaugural blog post. We are joining the internet community to share our perspective on all things education. 

Building STEPS is a unique model of progressive programming with the singular purpose of ensuring our bright, Baltimore city students who attend some of our more challenged and under-resourced public high schools earn a college degree. It’s that simple.

Stay Tuned

As we proudly launch our new website and blog, we will be discussing a variety of topics and we hope you join the conversation. Discussions and topics will include:

  • Achievements of our students and alumni
  • Opportunities in education
  • Our commitment to Baltimore’s students
  • Tips for achieving success
  • Guest bloggers (Why I Volunteer)
  • First-Generation experiences
  • Meet our partners & learn how we make a difference together


Smile of the day

Today, we share a story that puts a smile on our face.
Xiang, Building STEPS freshman at University of Maryland Baltimore County, found out two weeks ago he was suddenly selected to receive a $5,000 scholarship. Xiang, humble as always, simply told us, “I was surprised because I didn’t do anything except receive good grades last semester.”
We know that it’s more than just receiving good grades. Xiang is the first in his family to attend college, and commutes daily from his home in east Baltimore to attend school. Along with Xiang’s aptitude, it’s his determination to succeed that earned him that scholarship. He might not realize the whole picture today, but we sure are proud of him!